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We use virtual reality exposure therapy, 3D simulation similar to a video game, in combination with physiological monitoring (biofeedback) to treat panic and anxiety disorders.

These conditions include specific phobias such as fear of flyingfear of drivingfear of heightsfear of public speakingfear of thunderstormsclaustrophobiaagoraphobiaarachnophobiasocial phobiapanic disorder.

General stress management and relaxation skills are taught for stress-related disorders.  Virtual reality exposure therapy places the client in a computer-generated world where they "experience" the various stimuli related to their phobia.

The client wears a head-mounted display with small TV monitors and stereo earphones to receive both visual and auditory cues.

After an intake session and skill building sessions to teach the patient how to control automatic responses to anxiety-provoking situations, the therapist and client collaborate to create a hierarchy of anxiety-inducing situations.

In careful, controlled stages, the client is exposed to these virtual experiences that elicit increasingly higher levels of anxiety. Each stage can be repeated until the client is comfortable with the experience and satisfied with their response.

At every step, the therapist can see and hear what the client is experiencing in the virtual world. If the level of anxiety becomes overwhelming, the client can return to a less stressful level of treatment, or simply remove the head-mounted display and exit the virtual world.



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