Virtual Reality Medical Institute (VRMI) is a Belgian corporation located in Zaventem (Brussels). VRMI was selected to participate in the June 2013 Belgian Economic Mission to California, led by Prince Philippe, now King Philippe, of Belgium.

Our Belgian Institute is focused on Research Studies, Consulting and Project Dissemination. Virtual reality clinical services are done at our U.S. clinics. If you wish to come to one of our clinics for Condensed Treatment, we do see individuals from other countries/states for individual therapy over two week time periods at both our Sorrento Valley and La Jolla, California clinics.

VRMI established the first Belgium-based Virtual Reality (VR) and Biofeedback-enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Healthcare Institute. VRMI focuses on medical and psychological research studies using Virtual Reality technology, as well as participating in EU projects and EU consulting.  


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Using a Combined Communications Platform of an annual international conference, specialized workshops, clinician training courses, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, a quarterly magazine, and a website information portal, VRMI is also active in informing and educating the general public, policymakers, funding agents, industry and academia. Having been involved in R&D projects in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. for the past 25 years, the principals of VRMI are now bringing their clinically-validated products and protocols to the private practice setting.

VRMI has established affiliates in both China and the U.S. and envisages the goals of the EU in developing the healthcare of the future. VRMI has expertise in simulation technologies in three main areas: 1) treating patients with stress, anxiety, trauma, and chronic pain; 2) training for military medical and civilian first responder populations, and 3) enhancing medical educational programs. Working closely with the Belgian Erasmus Program, VRMI also serves as a mentor to Young Entrepreneurs.

For more information please contact: frontoffice @ vrphobia.com or call +1 858 642 0267