Month: November 2017

The Impact of Technology on Childhood and Adolescence

On Friday, November 17, Dr. Brenda K Wiederhold gave the invited keynote address at the Cyberbullying, Psychological Well-Being of Teenagers and New Media Conference in Milan, Italy.  The conference was attended by parents, reserachers, clinicians and heads of the Fondazione Varenna, Municipal Council of Milan and Lombardy Region General Welfare Directorate.   The presentation focused on both the positive and the negative impact that Virtual Reality and Social Networking are having on today’s children and adolescents.  We must work together to embrace the positive and develop strategies to correct the negative.



In her November 2017 editorial for CyberPsychology, Behavior & Social Networking Journal, she addresses the digital anxieties shaping our next generation’s mental health.




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